Our Ingredients

L’Jon Skin Care products are made with the finest, most effective, naturally sourced ingredients available on the planet.  Environmentally safe, paraben, chemical preservative, animal product and petrochemical free. Our formulations combine  the latest research in science and a true understanding of skin.  Incorporating natural ingredients such as:


Sodium Hyaluronate
Intense hydration. Vital for cell nourishment and regeneration.
Aloe Vera
Healing, soothing, moisturizing, natural sun protection.

Vitamins (such as A, E, B6)
Antioxidants, anti-aging, moisturizing, nourishing.

Green Tea/Blends
Protection, Anti-aging.

Natural Oils

Moisture retention, skin protection, nourishment.

Botanical Extracts

Soothing, calming, antioxidant, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, healing.

Essential Oils & Essences

Healing, soothing.

Life essence, moisture, hydrate, nourish.